About Ollie

Ollie is an adventurous little alien who is both inquisitive and fearless. He lives with his Mum and Dad on a little planet called Pluto , just left of the twinkling, winking star. Ollie wanted an adventure, and as he looked up at the beautiful shimmering stars, he decided that he wanted to explore the biggest, and the brightest star of them all. It was called the Sun, and it sparkled, it shimmered and it shone.


He travelled from planet to planet, exploring and learning along the way. He learned about Neptune’s high, thin clouds, and how it seemed to be made out of rocks of ice. He was worried that he would turn into an icicle. He also learned about the colourful gas giant, Jupiter, and how he seemed to be heading to a monstrous red spot, where a storm was raging.


Ollie thinks that he is travelling on his own, but he isn’t! Try to spot Gerald, the cheeky little alien; he is hiding on every page, getting into mischief along the way!