About the author 


Anya Acres is the author of the Ollie Discovers the Planets (soon to be a series). She is very passionate about putting enjoyment and pleasure into reading, whatever ability or gender the child might be. She believes that literacy should be available to everyone, and the element of fun, surprises, prediction and familiarity is key.



The inspiration behind the series was developed in 1997, whilst on a teaching practice in a small Derbyshire school. The topic that Anya was asked to teach was ‘planets’ to a class of four year olds; not an easy feat, as young children often respond better to  topic-based stories. After hunting high and low for a topic-based story to introduce ‘planets’, Anya resorted to writing her own story; ‘Ollie Discovers the Planets’.


Since January 2018, Anya has visited 23 schools and Skyped 15 schools, providing them with author workshops, and hands-on, interactive activities. She takes numerous inflatable planets and musical instruments with her, to provide children with new and inspirational experiences.



 In October 2018, Anya released her second book, 'Ollie Discovers the Dinosaurs'. Again, the theme of 'fun, fiction & fun' continues throughout the book, providing children with story elements of surprise, prediction and familiarity. Set in The Natural History Museum, Ollie makes friends with a little boy called James, who has lost his five toy dinosaurs. Can they find all five before sunrise?



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