First Steps Pre-School


"On Wednesday 31st January 2018, First Steps Pre-School welcomed Anya Acres.  Anya delighted the children with the adventures of Ollie the Alien.  We all sparkled, shimmered and shone as we explored space with Anya and Ollie.  The children travelled to all the planets learning about them as we passed by on our way to the brightest star of them all."

Tissington Kindergarten

Biggin CE School

‘Thank you for a fun and interactive visit today we all had a lovely morning. ‘Ollie discovers the planets’ is a wonderful,  fun, fact-filled learning resource. Even our youngest members were absorbed in Ollie’s adventures. We look forward to your next book in this series!’

Rushton Primary School

At Rushton we were lucky enough to have a full day visit from Anya for our EYFS children. Anya was fantastic, and the children had a super day. The children loved the story ‘Ollie Discovers the Planets’ and it fitted in perfectly with our Space topic. The activities planned were perfect and all linked with the objectives from the development matters framework. The plans were also differentiated as the class is a mixed nursery and reception class. 

The Meads Primary School in Pembrokeshire

We were lucky enough to be able to Skype Anya as part of our World Book Week. Her story 'Ollie Discovers the Planets' hooked our children and was perfect for our year 2 children who have been learning about Space. It was a lovely experience for the children to be able to talk to an author and I was so impressed with their creative questions, the book was clearly a great stimulus. Anya was so patient and warm whilst speaking to the children. We are very excited for Ollie's next adventure. We couldn't have asked for a more special start to our week, a very exciting morning for children and staff. Thank you!

Bloemfontein Primary School, Durham

We are a small village school in a rural setting. Due to our location, it is often difficult to get authors and other professionals to speak directly to our children. As part of our World Book Day celebrations, I contacted Anya Acres to speak to our school during a whole school assembly. Each class read the story ‘Ollie Discovers the Planets,’ they then thought of some questions they would like to have answered by the Author. We then called Anya via Facetime from an iPad linked to the Interactive White Board. Children were able to ask Anya their own questions face to face, with immediate responses. Anya was helpful and thorough in her answers, which as a result, has inspired some of our children who were reluctant to write to pick up a pencil and begin writing. Also, Anya was very child friendly, being able to explain her answers in a way which the children could understand. Furthermore, getting to speak to a professional such as Anya has helped to connect our children to the world, showing them possibilities beyond their own community. I would highly recommend Anya to any school and hope to work with her again.  

Leek Post & Times

 Skype review from Greatstone Primary School (Kettering)

Ollie Discovers the Planets is not only a brilliant story but it is also educational, the children in my class have even surprised themselves with the knowledge that they have gained from the book. We had a Skype session with Anya on the 22nd May, and it was just lovely. She engaged the children from the beginning to the very end. She listened to each of their questions and gave full, rich answers to everything they asked. She spoke to the children with such warmth and answered the questions in a way that was accessible to all of the children, so natural and professional. She had lots of different props on hand to entertain them and told us all about herself and her journey to getting the book published which the children found very interesting. She even took the time to have 2 Skype sessions, one with each class. I couldn't recommend the book and the Skype visit enough. We are really looking forward to the next book in the series as well. Thank you so much Anya, we all hope to speak with you again!